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The term Thrissur is the abbreviated anglicized form of the Malayalam word  THRISSIVAPERUR  which means the town of the SACRED SIVA. The town is built on an elevated ground, at the apex of which is the famous  VADAKKUMNATHAN Temple. A place of great antiquity, Thrissur was also known as  VRISHABHADRIPURAM and  TEN KAILASAM in ancient days.

From ancient times, Thrissur District has played a significant part in the political history of south India. The early political history of the District is interlinked with that of the Cheras of the Sangam age, who ruled over vast portions of Kerala with their capital at Vanchi. The whole of the present Thrissur District was included in the early Chera Empire.

The District can claim to have played a significant part in fostering the trade relations between Kerala and the outside world in the ancient and medieval period. It can also claim to have played an important part in fostering cultural relations and in laying the foundation of a cosmopolitan and compose culture in this part of the country. Kodungalloor which had the unique distinction of being the Primum Emporium India, also belongs to the signal honour of having first given shelter to all the three communities which have contributed to the prosperity of Malabar. These three communities are the Christians, the Jews and the Muslims.

The history of Thrissur District from the 9th to the 12th centuries is the history of Kulasekharas of Mahodayapuram and the history since 12th century is the history of the rise and growth of Perumpadappu Swarupam. In the course of its long and chequered history, the Perumpadappu Swarupam had its capital at different places.

We learn from the literary works of the period that the Perumpadappu Swarupam had its headquarters at Mahodayapuram and that a number of Naduvazhies in Southern and Central Kerala recognized the supremacy of the Perumpadappu Moopil. The Perumpadappu Moopil is even referred to as the  Kerala Chakravarthi  in the Sivavilasam  and some other works.

One of the landmarks in the history of the Perumpadapu Swarupam is the foundation of a new era called Pudu Vaipu Era. The Pudu Vaipu Era is traditionally believed to have commenced from the date of which the island of Vypeen was thrown from the sea.

The 14th and 15 centuries constituted a period of aggressive wars in the course of which the Samorins of Calicut acquired a large part of the present Thrissur District.

In the subsequent centuries the Portugese dominated the scene. By the beginning of the 17th century the Portugese power in Kerala was on the verge of collapse.

About this time other European powers like the Dutch and the English appeared on the scene and challenged the Portugese. Internal dissension in the Perumpadappu Swarupam helped the Dutch in getting a footing on the Kerala Coast. As the Kerala Chiefs were conscious of the impending doom of the Portugese, they looked upon the Dutch as the rising power and extended a hearty welcome to them,.

The decadence and consequential want of solidarity opened the flood gates of aggression. Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan figured very prominently during the period.

Peechi Dam
Peechi Dam


Peechi Dam, 23 km from Thrissur is the main irrigation project of the city, What started as an irrigation project has now burgeoned into a popular picnic spot ,which offers boating facilities at the reservoir. The dam is built across the Manali River and is endowed with an immense catchment area that stretches across an expanse of nearly 3200 acres. The project is intended for irrigating 17555 Ha land in Mukundapuram, Thalappally, Thrissur and Chavakkad Taluk, through the left and right bank main canal and Branch canals. In addition to this, drinking water is supplied to Thrissur Corporation and Eight near by Panchayat from this reservoir.

The colorful and beautifully tended botanical gardens as well as the rippling fountains accentuate the beauty of the place. The Peechi Wildlife Sanctuary, located a mere 15 km away from Thrissur is also a big draw with the tourists. Peechi, a small and picturesque town, sited at a distance of 23 km from Thrissur , is one of the ideal spots to attract tourists with its vast catchment area, botanical gardens and lush green forests.

Bible Tower
Bible Tower


Bible Tower is the bell tower of Puthen Palli or Basilica of Our Lady of Dolores of Thrissur, which is situated behind the church at a height of about 80 m. Bible Tower is the largest church tower in Asia and is decorated with wood and brass carvings, stained glasses, oil paintings, terra cotta paintings, canvas paintings and murals.

Working Hours

10 am to 6 pm (Tuesday to Friday)

10 am to 7.30 pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Monday Holiday

Lunch Break 1.00 to 2.00 pm

Chavakkad Beach
Chavakkad Beach


Chavakkad Beach, lying on the coast of Arabian Sea and situated 5 km from Guruvayoor, one of the best beaches along the West coast with coconut bordered sea-shore is a pleasing view of rare natural beauty entice and attract thousands of tourists. Fringed shadow of coconut lagoons and the mesmerizing atmosphere make Chavakkad Beach a tourist spot throughout the year. Chavakkad Beach  is the place where the sea confluences with a river. This meeting of the sea with the river is known as Azhimokam in Kerela. The beaches at Chavakkad and Nattika are simply wonderful. The famous mural paintings are another fascination of the place.

Athirapilly, Vazhachal
Athirapilly, Vazhachal


The scenic beauty of Athirapilly waterfalls presents a spectacular visual extravagance to visitors. A very popular picnic spot, Athirapilly is located close to Chalakudy in Kerala. The falls are located amidst dense forests and the entire region looks ‘picture-perfect’ in every way. Athirapilly-Vazhachal waterfalls are situated on the edge Sholayar forest ranges, just 5 kms apart.This sparkling cascade of silvery water, falls from a height of approximately 80 mts to join the Chalakudy river below.

 You can have a spectacular view from the top of the waterfalls when you walk through the rock pathway that leads from the main entrance. And for those with an adventurous streak, there is a fantastic view from the bottom of the waterfalls which can be reached with a little bit of trekking on slippery mountain trails. It’s a beautiful trail and you can relish the water from the falls sprinkling all over you. The view of the entire landscape is amazing.

 But the falls can be treacherous, especially during the monsoons due to the slippery grounds, changing currents and the presence of huge rocks. So, enjoy the view, but be careful, all the same. Best Time to Visit Athirapilly Waterfalls is July to September. Unique attractions in and around Athirapilly Waterfalls are Chapra Falls (1.5 km away from Athirapilly), Vazhachal Falls (about 5 km from Athirapilly), Dream World Amusement Park (24 kms from Athirapilly) and Silver Storm Amusement Parks – (about 30 km from Athirapilly).

To reach Athirapilly Waterfalls:

Nearest airport: Kochi International Airport - 55 kms 

Nearest railway stations: Chalakudy -33 kms, Thrissur – 61 kms

Cheraman Juma Masjid
Cheraman Juma Masjid


Cheraman Juma Masjid is a mosque in Kodungallur in the Indian state of Kerala. It is believed that  in 629 AD by, a group of Arabs led by Malik Bin Deenar and Malik bin Habib arrived in north Kerala, and constructed the Cheraman Juma Masjid at Kodungalloor, it is considered as the oldest mosque in India, and the second oldest mosque in the world to offer Jumu'ah prayers. Constructed during the lifetime of Muhammad, the bodies of some of his original followers are said to be buried here. Unlike other mosques in Kerala that face westwards this mosque faces eastwards.Cheraman Juma Masjid showing influences of traditional Hindu architecture on the mosque. The mosque has an ancient oil lamp which always burns and which is believed to be more than a thousand years old. People of all religions bring oil for the lamp as offering. This is one of the few mosques in Kerala which allow entry for people of other religions.

Chimmony Dam
Chimmony Dam


Chimmony Dam, 42km from Thrissur is located in Echippara village, Varantharappily town. Established in 1984, the sanctuary with an area of about 100 km² is on the Western slopes of the Nelliyampathi hills .This is the area of wild life sanctuary, makes for a wide variety of flora still. All major species of fauna of peninsular India are well represented in the sanctuary. and can find deer, elephants, wolves, etc. The sanctuary also offers trekking paths for the adventure traveller. However, due to years of human interference, the fauna is sparse. This project in Thrissur district envisages construction of a Dam at Echippara across Chimoni river, a tributary of Karuvannur river.

No canal system has been constructed in this project. The speciality of this project is that the water impounded in the reservoir will be made available to the Kole land fields through the river and existing canal system by means of regulator at Manjankuzhi, Kottamkadalavu and Illickal. The Kole land in Thrissur is famous for its Unique system of cultivation. By this project it is proposed to raise two crops from the command of 13000 Ha (Net). It is also proposed to generate power of 2.5 mw. The water released from this project will be utilized for the drinking water supply system also. This project was fully commissioned and dedicated to the nation in 1996.

Kauthuka Park
Kauthuka Park

Kauthuka Park Thrissur

Kauthuka park,  is a place where you will rediscover your peace, marvel at human persistence and acknowledge the simple gifts of nature, that of birds, fish, animals and man being one, with nature.

It is a beautiful garden, is situated on the way to Athirappally Waterfalls at Chalakkudy in Thrissur, Kerala. The collection of a variety of trees and plants, both medicinal and wild dot the park and even trees and plants relating to the zodiac are also there. Yet another collection is the utensils and agricultural appliances of a bygone era adding to the enchantment of the park. The whole landscape is marked by hills, streams, caves, varieties of trees and medicinal plants.

The peaceful co-existence of many, some of which are sworn predators in nature are like obedient children here, following their Master around, living and feeding, on what is so lovingly provided. The very plot of land, that is the Park, resembles not the plain land around it rather, it makes one feel as though he or she has entered the remote habitat of the nature’s very best, with small rivulets and caves, ancient ponds with crystal clear water, within which fish of various hues and sizes play hide and seek in its dark depths.

Getting there: Kauthuka Park is on Pota - Athirapally Route, near Panampilly College.

Nattika Beach
Nattika Beach

Nattika Beach Thrissur

Nattika beach, situated 30km from Thrissur, is an ideal place to spend a leisurely evening. The swaying green palms, the rhythmic waves and the endless stretch of golden sand, make it a perfct picnic spot. Resorts nearby, offer all modern facilities amidst the rural setting. Deep-sea fishing, backwater cruise on country boats and elephant rides are some of the attractions here. The super hit Malayalam movie, Chemmeen (1960), which even won the presidential award, was shot here.

Vadanappally Beach
Vadanappally Beach

Vadanappally Beach Thrissur

The Vadanapally beach is located about 20 km from Thrissur town. Fringed with coconut palms, this calm and pleasant beach is a perfect spot for tourists who are looking for a fun time at the beach.

Sakthan Thampuran Palace
Sakthan Thampuran Palace

Sakthan Thampuran Palace Thrissur

The palace of the erstwhile Maharaja of Cochin is now a heritage museum. This museum has the largest collection of excavated megalithic structures. Now preserved by the Archeological Department, this museum was reconstructed in the Kerala-Dutch style in 1795 by Sri Rama Varma Thampuran of Cochin.

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